Pygame, Blending blits, mac and windows clipboard/copy paste working.

An update of what has been happening recently with pygame.

Thanks to a kind person on the mailing list the macOSX version of the clipboard code was tested. It was a long process but eventually. A one week debugging cycle because I don't have a mac. HAHA. I also got around to testing out the windows version of the code on my win XP box. It worked fine there.

Some blending functions have gone into CVS. So you can blit with the modes ADD,SUB,MIN,MAX,MULT. This allows more you to do lighting type effects, and is very useful for particle systems. These are the missing things that SDL doesn't have which are often asked for. The code was based on Phil Hasseys code which he wrote for 32bit software surfaces. He's also done some other code for lines etc. So I'll want to incorporate those changes so you can draw lines that blend too.

I also need to add those blending modes to the surface.fill() method. That'll be very useful for fade to black/fade to white. Or fading text in and out.

There have also been a few patches submitted, which I have done unittests for. Pygame doesn't have too many unittests. But now I am creating one each time a change is made. To test that the bug is actually fixed, and to test if the feature added works right.

Oh, one interesting point of note. I used the TinyCC for my pygame development. It can interpret C code! How cool is that. It is also heaps faster at compiling than gcc. So for development it's really nice for when doing C code. It's even faster at interpreting code than python is. So no more slow compiles for me!!! Tinycc apt getable too.

TinyCC also has a library which can be used for code generation. I reckon weave might be very nice with this :)

However gcc is better for finished code because it generates faster code and is more complete. But yah for rapid prototyping!


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