Pygame 1.8 release gets closer.

The last pygame release was August 16th 2005. So there are a lot of bug fixes and a few features in development that need to get out there into a release. With the new SDL being released last week it seems like a good time to get a new pygame out.

Here is the release plan from the last release. We will follow it in the same way again for this new release.

At the moment we are in the apply patches, fix bugs, get in any last minute features phase.

This weekend I made be able to save as .png and .jpg files. Since pygame already optionally links against libpng and libjpg to load .jpg, and .png it shouldn't be too much hassle for people, and only a tiny bit of extra code. So if pygame is linked against libpng, and libjpg it should be able to write .jpg and .png images.

Saving as jpg/png is an often requested feature for people doing screen shots, caches, and level editors amongst other uses. Hopefully these save functions will eventually make it into SDL.

That's the last feature that I want to put in pygame for the release. Microphone, and line in support will have to wait for SDL 1.3. Since a sound api change is needed to work it in nicely. See bug #10 in the SDL bugzilla 'audio input API'.

I've been slowly going through the doc comments on the websites documentation. This is where anyone browsing the documentation can make a comment on each function, class or module. There were around 100 or so comments from people. Ranging from 'hey there' to useful tips, typo corrections, documentation clarity ideas, and bug reports.

Since a misleading or unhelpful comment is worse than a code bug, it is very important that these comments get worked into the main pygame documentation.

However since some comments are bug reports it might take quite a bit longer than I thought to work through all of the doc comments.


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