pygame artist in residence grant

An artist residency usually works something like; a person spends some time in either a gallery making something to present or in a music club doing a weekly spot.

Artist in residence.

The first "pygame artist in residence" grant will be for a small amount of money (€512). It is for someone who is already doing stuff with pygame or python in their arts practice. There will be a little thumbnail on the website linking towards an artist statement/patreon page/blog or some such. The residency won't be in a physical space. It lasts for a month, from October 1st - November 1st. At the end of the month the website 'exhibition' will take the form of a small update from the artist — in whatever form that takes.

If you'd like to apply(or nominate someone) please write something short with a link about the arts practice and how python or pygame is used in it.
Applications close: September 15th.
Announced: October 1st.
Amount: €512 paid by paypal.

Why this? Art is awesome.

Ok, there are other reasons... I feel the python world largely ignores the contributions that the game development, graphics, education, music and the arts community provides for python. People who are makers, musicicians, artists, teachers, and game devs have contributed really major things to the python world. And the python website doesn't even mention that art, or games are a thing. They don't exist apparently.
According to art does not exist
From Ada Lovelace the writer(and first programmer), to Steve Jobs who started out at Atari, to Bill gates the author of the first ever PC game, to Konrad Zuse the painter (who happened to also make the first digital computer) — the arts and computers are intertwined. Python itself is named after a comedy group, and was started off within a multimedia group at CWI after the author had worked on a programming system intended for teaching. Would python be the same without import this ( the zen of python) or as fun without import antigravity?

Art, education, music, making, multimedia, and games are important to 'computers' and to python. Sure, stop calling pypi the cheese shop (made by a damn fine baker and game developer) because it's too silly... but please don't erase the arts from existence. The python arts community exists.


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