Pre release pygame builds through pypi and pip.

(If there's any python packaging experts reading this, please comment if this doesn't seem reasonable. You will get 42 internet points, and a cookie if you ever visit Berlin).

We want to be able to more widely test pre release builds, to avoid bugs and try things out on different OS/hardware combinations. This is the plan on how it will be done for pygame.


Pre release 'dev' and release candidate('rc') builds of pygame through pip and pypi.
  • every merge into master releases a dev build. 1.9.4.dev1+git.77.facebeef123
  • every release candidate tagged releases an rc build. 1.9.4.rc1

How to install pre release builds.

Pip pre-release documentation
`pip install pygame --pre`
Requiring a specific development build is possible according to the documentation.
`pip install pygame==1.9.4.dev1`

Version naming.

From packaging guide pre release versioning:
    zero or more dev releases (denoted with a “.devN” suffix)
    zero or more alpha releases (denoted with a “.aN” suffix)
    zero or more beta releases (denoted with a “.bN” suffix)
    zero or more release candidates (denoted with a “.rcN” suffix)
  • Dev versions will be named like this: 1.9.4.dev1+git.77.facebeef123 (version+local_version). With the dev1 becoming dev2, dev3. git describe can be used to get this info.
  • pygame.version.rev should have the git hash
  • Uploading wheels currently only happens when a tag happens. (eg, 1.9.3). Dev builds would instead need to happen when something is merged into master.
  • release candidates can be done with a tag. 1.9.4.rc1 will be release candidate 1.

git describe, for getting commits since last release.

Can be used to get the number of commits since the last release.
git describe --tags
Using this we can grab the info we need to build the pypi-happy version strings.
Note, it needs to use --tags if we don't have annotated tags. (which we should use going forwards).

Dev builds to test pypi instead?

  • piwheels don't download from testpypi, so we need to release to pypi to get these.
  • Also, the packaging guide doesn't talk about doing this. (it's just used for testing, and the DB is wiped occasionally).
  • Will pypi be cluttered with lots of dev releases? 3-20 per month (* 30 files)? I don't think this is a problem. There's nothing in the packaging guide to say don't do this.
  • people may have a need to rely on a specific dev version (especially since pygame is released infrequently), and testpypi gets wiped.


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