Pygame Google Summer of Code, 2012.

Thanks to the students, and mentors donating their time, along with the PSF, and Google, the following pygame related projects are ongoing over the summer.

"Pygame: GUI toolkit" by Sam Bull (sambull), mentored by Mike Fletcher(mcfletch) and with backup mentor Robert Deaton (masquerade). (Proposal | Blog)

"Pygame: Improved Sprite and Scene system" by Sagie Maoz (n0nick), co-mentored by Robert Deaton (masquerade) and Katie Cunningham (kcunning). (Proposal | Blog)

"Easy networking in PyGame" by Szymon Wróblewski (bluex), mentored by Rene Dudfield (illume) and with backup mentor Mike Fletcher (mcfletch). (Proposal | Blog)

Some project updates:

Sagie wrote a tutorial on pygame.sprite.Dirty and pygame.sprite.LayeredDirty, as well as a blog update on his progress.

Szymon wrote a blog post on the networking project:

Sam wrote a post on the "SCG" beta release of the GUI project:

Sam has also written to the mailing list asking for feedback on his work.!topic/pygame-mirror-on-google-groups/AQiDPF_rINo

Sagie has also been getting into some conversations on the mailing list, and in the irc channel about the sprites project.!topic/pygame-mirror-on-google-groups/KhaV8V6o4Js

Sam, Szymon, and Rene started on a little game for pyweek to be used as an experimental sandbox for testing out gsoc project ideas.


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