pygame sprint at pyconuk, and virtually. Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th of September

There is going to be a pygame sprint at this years pyconuk. We're going to tackle whatever the participants who turn up want to hack on. That might be porting to a new platform like the $25 rasberrypi computer(there's going to be a couple at pyconuk), or improving the pygame android support. Or it might be polishing off one of the new modules like the new freetype font module, or perhaps implementing a brand new module.  Or maybe it's jazzing up the documentation, or working on a new import pygame.examples. I'm getting there on Friday, so I hope to do some hacking then, and we might be able to get some sprint space for the Friday(conference propper starts Saturday, but some people are getting there early) - otherwise it will have to be in a cafe or something.
Also going on during the conference is the python core sprint and CKAN sprint.  It should be fun to join in on those sprints too.  Of course there will be talks, work shops, an unconference room, lightning talks (5 minute talks) and coffee fueled hallway conversations.  There's even going to be a Code Dojo - london style, and of course - most importantly: lunch/dinner.

pygame recently migrated to mercurial and bitbucket:  We'll be able to commit changes to there or work off branches and submit pull requests later.  There is a pygame hacking guide which we will make notes on any questions people have with working on the pygame code base.

It will also run as a virtual sprint in the irc chat room (freenode #pygame), so if anyone wants to join in remotely they can.  If you only write python code, there are plenty of parts of pygame that can be worked on.  For anyone who turns up I can show them the basics of CPython modules if they already know C.

We'll try and tweet sprint goings on via the @pygame_org twitter account.  Hope to see you there.


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