Hammering nails - the hard way.

Do the following 1000 hammering tasks, and you will have learned how to use a hammer the hard way. You can do them from your bedroom. These are just like these guitar tasks that I do - in my spare time as a rock star. Well not really a rock star... but I sure can do some awesome guitar solos. They're also like katas I practice for my martial arts... in my spare time as a ninja.

"pssst..." "the world doesn't like guitar solos any more - and playing in your bedroom will never be like playing to real people. Also martial arts practitioners who use katas loose to fighters who practice fighting in real fights."

"pssst... you there..." "The pros don't use hammers. They use nail guns."


You don't need a book to learn python the hard way. To learn python the hard way, do some real world projects.

This pay out brought to you by the awesome Programming, Motherfuckers manifesto.


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