3g modems in finland? Any plans for a month or one week?

Dear Lazy web,

Are there any 3G usb modem plans available in Finland that I can get for one week or a month? I'd need to buy the modem too.

Hopefully it should work two hours drive from Oulu.

Update: used a modem by Elisa. Worked well, even 3g. Closing comments because this post is getting spams every day - and blogger.com spam protection seems broken.


illume said…
Thanks heaps for the great info :) ... I'll paste it in here in case someone else comes to this page one day through search.

"""Yes there is. I didn't find a webpage in English, but here is one operator page in finnish http://saunalahti.fi/prepaid/mobiililaajakaista.php

39 eur first month free, no transfer limit, usb modem included.

Basically what you want to do is find Elisa-shop or R-Kioski and you can get one of these. Other operators which might also provide similar service - but whose webpage didn't give straight answer - are Sonera and DNA, at least.

If you are going to use it away from cities, check out the operators signal strength map. This is for saunalahti (it uses Elisa network) http://www.elisa.fi/kuuluvuus/


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