My javascript reading list over the last few months

Over the last few months I've been fairly deep into javascript land. Both in my full time job, and in most of my coding side projects - I've been mostly doing javascript. Of course, like most web programmers I've been dabbling in javascript over the years... but never so intensely. On the way I've been collecting a 'reading list' of videos, articles, books, and projects.

Here are some of the good links from the last few months.

Crockford on javascript videos:!+User+Interface+Blog%29

akihabara arcade:

canvas javascript games:

javascript 3d engine:

Aves Engine: HTML/JavaScript Game Engine (

css animations and transitions

3d video navigation on iphone

apple web app documentation

apple visual effects guide

apple multi touch events

android, and APIs

Safari on iPhone Graphics, Media, and Visual Effects Coding How-To's:

Preparing Your Web Content for iPad:


javascript collision detection

box2d physics javascript:

render engine javascript game engine

vector maths library

wii javascript

game js, pygame alike.


how to detect html5 things:

javascript audio synth

audio with js:
- best one.

using flash from js for sound

cross browser css image rotation

open source iphone game:


a number of interesting projects

image editor

chrome web development extensions

html5 ipad app



eigenbom said…
Nice list, thanks!

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