UX, rsi. ctrl+c considered harmful. If not done properly.

Ctrl+c, as well as a single handed touchpad move is considered harmful.

Try and do combinations of keys, mouse moves, and gestures one finger at a time.

Why? RSI. RSI hurts people.

Please consider people when designing your user interfaces. Either avoid single handed moves, or warn against them.


When using computers, consider resting regularly, stopping when you hurt(and before you hurt). Also consider using one hand or finger for each action. So rather than shift+A done with one hand, try doing it with two hands. Also consider moving your hand away from qwerty middle keys do get a less stretchy press of the shift/ctrl/alt/cmd keys.


For more details on RSI, and RSI prevention, please see: http://www.rsi.deas.harvard.edu/spread.html.


Moránar said…
Consider switching to a Dvorak layout, which is actually designed to make you alternate your fingers. And try switching the left Control key with Caps Lock. The numbness in my fingers actually went away after I made the switch.
Joseph Lisee said…
So no emacs use then? (Its a serious question)
Steve Lacy said…
+1 on switching to Dvorak. Many things are in much better places, including ^C as well as < and >.

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