uh0h, I made a logo. What do you think?

Made a quick little logo for a website called...

Tried a few different versions... showed my girl friend a few, and stuck with this one in the end. Made it with a simple DejaVu Sans Mono Bold font. Ya for the DejaVu font project. Modified the zero(0) a bit, then inverted the colors (ya! negative space). Played around with the letter spacing... applied an old school guassian blur filter to the right side, resized for web... and done!

What do you think?

The brief is 'something quick for yet-another-culture blog/zine called uh0h... as in uh oh I dropped a hammer on my foot.'.

update: Added some results in this image below. Which is updated with a pygame/freetype script. The idea is that the results in the image can be updated without the rss feed getting updated. Hoping to clean the script up and add it to pywebsite. The same technique seems to be used by some wordpress blogs with their 'comments:3' image links - so I think it will be useful for all sorts of things shown on blogs where frequent updates are required without having to update the post.


Lennart Regebro said…
Why do you have different baselines? It looks strange. And I don't think the blur makes anything better, it just makes you feel like you have an eye-problem.

As it is, the logo makes me dizzy and gives me a headache,

Bruce said…
I like it but then I thought oTFrom as a domain name was a good idea. :-)
joeld42 said…
Looking good... i like the energy and the kind of techno-punk feel to it. Try pushing the "misaligned" look a little further to be more intentional and have more energy, and do something to connect the UH and OH more -- right now they feel like two separate graphics. The zero with the slash and the dot is great, that's really working.

fundoo said…
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