From Berlin, back to London again... and python dojo!

Arrived back in London a few days ago, after a month living in Berlin.

I really enjoyed Berlin, and thought about staying there for longer... but in the end decided against it for now. Would really like to visit in the summer, when it's apparently quite a different place!

Some pictures from Berlin

Finding the bustle and life on the streets of London quite refreshing. I think I'll be based in London for the next six months or so at this point(probably longer).

Going to the london python dojo again on the 10th. This is an interesting format for a get together. People take turns pair programming with a projector, whilst the rest of the people in the room offer comments. This time there's going to be a few short interactive presentations too. It was nice meeting python people from around London last time. Fry-it are the hosts, who offer their office, pizza(+salad) and beer(+wine) for everyone at each dojo.


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