Where did the 'new' module go in python 3?

Anyone know where the 'new' module went in python 3?

2to3 can't seem to find 'new', and I can't find anywhere with my favourite search engine either... filed bug at: issue6964.

A complete 2to3 tool should know about all modules that are missing at least. It needs to actually know what to do with those modules, but should be able to at least tell you which modules are missing. I'm not sure how to get a complete top level module list sanely... I guess by scanning the libs directory of python.

Or maybe there is a module to find all python modules?

Each platform would be slightly different of course... and there'd be differences based on configure. Also some modules have probably stopped importing or compiling at all these days.

Then you could just find the intersection and differences with the lovely set module :)
# find the difference between the modules.
top_level_modules_not_in_3 = set(top_level_modules3series) - set(top_level_modules1_2series)

Well maybe the 2to3 tool could work a different way. Instead it could find all the modules it *does know about*, and warn you if it encounters modules it doesn't know about. You can already list fixes with: 2to3-3.1 -l

But what about packages with submodules? It seems hard to pin down exactly what's included with python. Or maybe there is an easy way to find out.

update: it is printed as a warning with python2.6 -3 -c "import new" . The types module is the one to use instead. A reminder to always use the python2.6 -3 to warn you of things the 2to3 tool can not fix. python2.6 -3 is a good thing to do on your current code base for preparation for a python 3 future.


schmichael said…
In the 2.6 docs:

Deprecated since version 2.6: The new module has been removed in Python 3.0. Use the types module’s classes instead.

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