pyweek #9 - week games, not weak games.

Pyweek is a game^H^H^H^H competition where you make a game in a week. You've probably heard of it(in which case ignore the rest of the words below, and above).

Some people call them sprints, other people call them jams, and other people call them battles, or game development competitions.

Pyweek is not really a battle, or Nerd-Jam® and not even really a competition, but a big-warm-hug of a week: making games with around 100 people from all over the world.

You get to throw off the shackles of your boring web development job, and be creative (kinda like fight club, but with zombies). There's so much energy during the week, with lots of feed back, ideas and screen shots flying this way and that. It's a bit intoxicating.

Individuals, and teams can take part. Some crazy people even take part in both a team, and do a solo entry.


Friday 2009/07/31Registration open
Sunday 2009/08/23Theme voting commences
Sunday 2009/08/30Challenge start
Sunday 2009/09/06Challenge end, judging begins
Sunday 2009/09/20Judging closes, winners announced


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