python3, and symbian(nokia phone) branches merged into pygame trunk

Over the last week two branches merged into the pygame trunk.

Lenard Lindstrom got his python3/python3.1 branch merged in.

Jussi Toivola had his symbian_s60 branch merged in to trunk.

Both ports do not have complete functionality yet... but both have most major modules working.

The python3 code has also been tested with the python3.1 beta release (there are small C API differences between both). Some of the work was based on stuff done by Marcus for his super-cool pgreloaded branch of pygame (which he is going to start doing some pre-releases of soon).

Pre-release builds for both pygame-python3.0, and pygame-symbian_s60 are available... search the mailing list for details. Both also build from subversion trunk.

Lenard got the python3 stuff ready quickly for a course a teacher is doing teaching python3 - part of the course uses pygame. So the pygame should work for his class.

We are hoping to release pygame1.9 in 3-4 weeks. Which means that there's about 1 week to get any last minute changes in. If they are new features, we will require docs/example, and tests... and it's probably too late to add any big features with an API larger than a function or two(unless the API has been discussed on the mailing list already).

The pygame1.9release is timed this way, so that we can get a release out around the time the GSOC coding period officially starts. The GSOC students can be involved in a release, and we can devote more time to their new projects after the release is out. We should also have a good version ready for python3.1 whose release schedule says it is to be released in 6-7 weeks (June 27th).

If any python3 developers want to help us improve our python3.1 support - please get in contact with the mailing list.


Nick said…
This is excellent news!

We teach Python as a first language to CS students at the University of Leeds, and one of the things that has prevented us from embracing version 3 is the fact that we use Pygame in our teaching.

If there's anything we can do to help with getting Pygame established on Python 3.x, do let us know.
illume said…
Hi Nick,

nice to hear about your course.

If you feel like helping to write some unittests there's some that need finishing :)

All the test stubs are filled in... they just need the body of the test done.

Otherwise feedback on the release candidates would be grand. There will probably be 3 release candidates before the final one is released.

Or try running your code with the python3 version of pygame... and send your experiences to the mailing list.


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