Ardentryst - a pygame game review

Ardentryst is a really fun open source game made with python, and pygame.

What stands out are the goodness of the graphics, music and sound.

With the feel of the control you have of the characters being another highlight.

It's a platformer/RPG type of game, and there are a bunch of different combo moves you can make as your characters in the game gain more experience. Think tapping different buttons at the right time to do special moves.

You run, and jump across things in the levels destroying baddies as you go.

Currently you can choose from two characters in the game. One is a male warrior, and the other a female wizzard. The feel of the characters seems quite different. Each one gets different abilities, weapons, and spells.

Ardentryst is still being developed, but is already highly playable. I played it for a few hours to complete it with both characters - but there's a bunch of things which can be fun to replay. Like an online high score table, where you can submit the time you have taken to complete various levels.


est said…
The most amazing game written with pygame is FoF
Jordan said…
I disagree. Then again, I did make Ardentryst. Play GH or if you don't own a console, SM, instead :P
Artist said…
I agree FOF is really great..

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