gsoc2008 and pygame...

The Google Summer of Code(gsoc) has started, and students have officially begun their work this week.

Already design, and code are starting to appear from them.

Here are the pygame related projects, and their blogs:

Zhang Fan, "minz", blog:
physics stuff

Zhang Fan went through the earth quake in China, but luckily him and his family are ok. Zhang has been studying various physics libraries, algorithms and code. As well he has begun work in a separate branch. So hopefully his work will then be merged in at a later time after his project. You can view his branch here:
physics branch

Nicholas Dudfield, "akalias", blog:
tests for pygame

Nicholas's test work is going into the pygame trunk, and he has been working on some tools to help generate most of the test bodies. So this way we will be able to see the number of tests needed to implement. As well he began to write some tests for some parts of pygame that need more tests for the pygame 1.8.1 release(coming soon).

Nirav Patel, "nrp", blog:
computer vision stuff (through the OLPC project, not mentored through pygame)

Nirav has been working in his local git repository since he doesn't always have internet access where he is. He's proposed some ideas for how his camera access API would work on the mailing list, and discussion has begun there. He plans to upload his work onto the internet when he has access for people to look at.

SDL gsoc projects

Also there are SDL related GSOC projects which will help pygame too (pygame uses SDL)...

Edgar "bobbens" Simo:
Bobbens is an undergrad in industrial engineering, and will be working on developing a force feedback API.

Aaron Wishnick:
Aaron is an undergrad in mathematics, and will be working on audio resampling and pitch shifting.

Holmes Futrell:
Holmes is an undergrad in computer science and mathematics, and will be porting SDL to the iPhone.

Darren Alton:
Darren is an undergrad in computer science, and will be porting SDL 1.3 to the Nintendo DS, using the hardware capabilities of the DS to showcase the new features in SDL 1.3.

Szymon "Wilku" Wilczek:
Wilku is an undergrad in computer science, and wants to add support for pressure sensitive devices to the SDL API, specifically using the Wacom tablet as an example.


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