Bleten. My game for the ludumdare 48h 2002

This is a game made to the theme of sheep. This game is about sheep poo, and grass.

You play the part of a sheep, against a friend sitting at the same keyboard as you.

You must eat the grass on the opponents side of the screen, whilst pooing on your grass so it grows quicker. It's a resource game really. You need to make the trade of between blocking the other sheep, eating the other sheeps grass, and pooing on your grass.

My Evil sheep picture for the intro. I think the sheep is possessed by satan. Maybe. Or maybe it's just angry all it's lambs have been taken to be eaten. Not sure why it's angry really.

As you can see I didn't have time to draw any good looking sheep - so there's just stick figure sheep. Stick sheep that poo.

You can download the source for python+pygame here.

Ludumdare is where people make games from scratch in 48 hours. A single person does all the artwork, code, sound and everything else in the game to a theme. It's what inspired pyweek except you can use what ever programming language you like, there are no teams - one person does everything - and it only takes a weekend, not a week.


philhassey said…
you should post this directly to my LD10 site and upload the images there, etc. That way the pics can show up in the "game grids" :)

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