CYMK coming to a gimp near you?

I saw this in the latest development release notes of gimp 2.3.12:
"- build a color-managed CMYK color selector if lcms is available"

So it seems the gimp is getting CYMK support(or has it already). That'll be good for those doing print work that requires it.

Along with the gimps next generation image processing core (GEGL) things are looking good for the gimp.

I really think the new versions are quite good. With most of the bugs that annoyed me gone, and with new features being added all of the time.

There's still some font handling issues which would be wonderful if fixed. Like rotated fonts, and fonts that can follow a path. However I think those features will appear over time.

This line may be interesting for those python users out there wanting to optimize their image production pipeline... "- many improvements to the Python bindings and the pygimp user interface"

Fetch the gimp. But the gimps sleeping. Go wake it up!

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