Mozilla firefox binary faster than debian binary.

It makes sense I guess. The people who make firefox should be able to make a faster binary than a distro.

The mozilla firefox build is i686 rather than i386, and probably uses some other methods for extra speed that debian doesn't. Debian stuff is usually made for stability and compatibility first, rather than for speed.

However, so far on my machine the mozilla build has been running for a day or so. So it works nicely at least on my machine.

It's made my browsing noticably faster on this duron 850mhz machine that I use daily. So I'm quite happy about it. The windows refresh faster, and the javascript heavy sites do their thing quicker. My pretendpaper site loads a whole 1.5 seconds faster using this build. It's probably the most slow, and intense javascript based site I know of. The load time is noticably slower on a slow cpu machine.


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