What is next for pygame?

Last week I checked into cvs a 'scrap' module. Which is basic copy/paste clipboard support for windows and X11. So you can copy things to and from the clipboard. It is based off the scrap code found off the SDL site.

I still need to finish wrapping a couple of C functions, but it is almost finished. It has only been tested on X11 so far. However the original code was written to work on windows as well. So hopefully copy/paste will work there too. Then left to do is Mac OSX support.

Today I did some code today on getting TinyGL to work with my character animation code.
I managed to get a model animating, and at a decent frame rate. Of course there was no texture on this model. Which is the slow part. However even non textured 3d stuff is pretty useful done in software quickly. I did convert one simple texturing demo to work with TinyGL, and it ran ok. So I am hopeful for its performance.

TinyGL only has about 100 functions which need wrapping. Most of the functions have been wrapped with pyopengl1. PyOpenGL1 was the one which didn't use swig.

I am going to see how fast it runs with texturing before starting on wrapping it for python.


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