Pyweek registrations are open.

It looks like pyweek registrations are open.

Pyweek is a realy fun game development competition inspired by the ludumdare 48 hour competitions. Except this competition uses python, it goes for a week, and there can be teams or solo entrants!

0 minutes before the competition begins a theme is announced, and you need to make a game from scratch based on that theme.

The idea is to have a lot of fun finishing a game in a week. You don't work for the whole week on the game, just spend a couple of hours a day, and perhaps more on the weekend. So for some people this is better than spending a whole weekend.

For anyone interested in making games there is nothing more fun and educational than these competitions.

Lots of the fun is all of the energy and excitement you get from looking at other peoples work, and chatting away on irc. Everyone is making a game all at the same time, it's a lot of fun.

It is the game making equivalent of a jamming with people in a band. Except you are not in the same room, and you are doing it with up to 100 other people at the same time.

You can register on the pyweek site now.


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