Save, compile, run cycle. Except with templates.

The save, compile, run cycle I reduced in my source code, why did I think it would be ok in templates?

I used the cheetah templates for They are a pretty nice way to handle templates. They are nice except for the compile that needed to be done when they are used. This is great for run time efficiency... I think. But not so good for development time efficiency.

However now I have removed the need for the templates to be compiled from my code. With the change of a config variable I can also use the compiled templates. Which will be good for the live version of the site.

Now I'm starting to think about the other parts in the save, compile, run cycle.

If I could get rid of either the save, or run cycles then that'd be great. No more pressing save to see what changes occur. Just change something, and then it will show me the results within a second or so.

How can removing the save and run parts be done? By having the editor in the browser. Or having the editor, automatically save things. Then once a change is noted, the thing tries to run itself automatically. If there is no error, then it will display the change.

I think there are probably nice editors written in javascript around. Ones that can do syntax highlighting for python, sql, javascript, css, and html. Easy modification would be good too.

Then I could type in an element to edit in a shell, have the file pop up in a html layer, or another window ready for editing. Once the changes are made, they are reflected in the site I am editing. As I edit things. No need to press save, or press run.


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