Fair evader.

[dang`r`us]: fair/fair evader?
[illume]: in Melbourne australia there is a tram company which is now privately owned. they have run a fare evader advertising campaign to guilt people into paying for tickets
[dang`r`us]: ah okay
[illume]: unfortunately they are pretty shit for a number of reasons... so a group of us are making games/websites to try and draw some attention to these problems

And so it begins.

The game will be about playing a tram inspector collecting commisions for each tram fine that they give people. You'll get bonuses for fining pregnant non english speaking ladies, old people, and poor people.

You can demand people hurry up and show them their tickets. You can sneak on in under cover clothes.

I think I'll even use the gui for speach dialogs. To present the user with multiple choice questions. 'fine', 'let go', 'twist arm'. Also for other speach dialogs like people trying to get out of tram fines, and general banter on the tram. etc.

8bit graphics, overhead view, using python and pygame.

I'm also using PGU for the map editor. Yesterday I spent a little while familiarising myself with it. Then I made a couple of modifications for quicker editing. So changes you make in the tileedit program appear automatically when you mouse over to the leveledit program.

Watch screen cast of tile editng... Exciting stuff ;)

Thanks to philhassey for the assistance in figuring out how PGU works.

I also came up with a plan to use the leveleditor for an animation editor. Sound crazy? Well it is a bit of a hack, but basically the same program can be used to place frames onto an animation strip. The tiles become frames, and the levels become the animation strips.

So I need to make some code to play the animations, which will read the level, and tile data making animations.

It should all be a bit of fun.


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