Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Pygame progress.

I got pygame compiling with python2.4 and mingw+msys today!! Not too many problems were encountered. It needed one distutils patch to make correct paths to feed to gcc. The msys shell needs paths like /c/Python24/lib not c:\Python24\lib. As well as a couple of little fixes in two source files for things that C can't do but a C++ compiler on windows can do. Pete was using the vc6 C++ compiler I think. After those couple of things I had most of the examples up and running :)

Now I need to do a few more fixes.

First is getting the numeric modules surfarray and soundarray working. I need to download the numeric stuff for that to happen.

Next is to fix up the config.py file and the config_mingw.py file to generate an acceptable Setup file. As well as detecting dependencies correctly with msys.

Then comes the task of finding all the api differences in the latest SDL. I also need to compile the latest SDL.

Finally we need integrate and test all the patches that have been flying in, and then give everything a big test.

Hopefully at the end of all that we will have a new pygame binary for windows on python 2.4 and SDL 1.2.8 :) Which means an alpha release for pygame 1.7!!!

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