🐱‍🏍 — the first pygame 2 community game. Starting now! Are you in?

What is a 🐱‍🏍? *[0].

There was this email thread on the pygame mailing list.

One topic of that conversation was doing a community game in there for reasons(see below).

I would like to do a pygame 2 community game to submit in the:
- https://itch.io/jam/game-off-2018 (GameOff github jam)

Ludumdare(ldjam) starts in 3 days, 7 hours. Theme not selected yet.
GameOff finishes in 4 days 2 hours. Theme is "Hybrid", Jam already started.

So, the Jams finish in 4.1 days.

Are you in? 

If so join the web based chatroom(discord) in the "#communitygame" channel.

I'm trying to form a team now.

... read more?...


So why do this?

My reasons for doing this are to push me to get pygame 2 features done that are actually useful in apps (Write Games, Not Engines).
It will be a good testbed for prototyping as well.

I will also try to get the game into Steam, and any other app stores.
Because distributing pygame 2 games is also important,
and improving the tooling and documentation around that is also important.

The pygame 2 community game serves these purposes.
  • guiding and motivating pygame 2 development (make games not engines)
  • raising funds towards pygame 2 developments (or losing money on steam signup costs)
  • making an open source pygame 2 game
  • improving the work flow for people releasing games/apps.
  • helping to guide improvements on the pygame website
  • trying out new technology and techniques
It's about 4-5 days, and then there will be some more days to try and distribute the game further.

  • License for code will be the pygame license (LGPL, but you can keep your parts of course!) 
  • Art assets license will be some form of permissive creative commons. So technically anyone should be able to distribute it following those licenses (and even sell it).

  • Contributors will also:
    • be in the credits on the pygame website, game website, in game, promo pages
    • have their link (to patreon twitter github etc) in their too
    • hopefully enjoy themselves, and maybe learn something
    Also interested in people who want this game to use their library.
    Especially if you will us use the library or improve it as part of the Jam.

    Anyone who wants to be involved can join the discord channel
    web based chatroom(discord) in the "#communitygame" channel.
    Please let us know if you want to be involved and how :)
    *[0] (We came up with a repo name... we were perhaps thinking something like "Speedy the stunt cat" or "stuntcat" Did you know there is this whole weird genre of stunt cat games, and that stunt cat emojis are a thing? 🐱‍🏍 Also, @claudeb's first cat was called Speedy, and was a stunt cat. So that's the repo name. )


    FilmSourceFilms said…
    Great I'm currently learning python and pygame from a good mentor. Just started I don't know if I'd be any help but would be a good learning experience. I'm really looking to get my programming skills up.

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